About Richard Piano Scott


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New Orleans is well-known for having amazing pianists, and Richard “Piano” Scott keeps that tradition alive. Born in Staunton, Virginia, Scott started taking
piano lessons at the age of four. He was encouraged by his grandparents to play the piano “by ear” and soon he was performing their favorite songs for them. He especially loved ragtime music and began listening to recordings of early New Orleans jazz bands.

Over the years he has learned to play a number of other instruments, including the trombone, bass, tuba, accordion, and banjo. He graduated from James Madison University in 1999 and moved to New Orleans, after performing aboard Carnival cruise ships and at Busch Gardens theme park in Virginia.
Today you can find Richard performing most evenings at Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub (733 Bourbon St.)  He also performs on Tuesdays at noon for the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park, giving interpretive programs on New Orleans Jazz and its history.

In addition to excelling as a performer, Richard also enjoys writing new music in the style of traditional New Orleans Jazz. His newest album, Jambalaya Town, features all original music, as well as some of the great musicians he has had the pleasure of working with in New Orleans.

Richard is truly dedicated when it comes to keeping the tradition of New Orleans Jazz, but when you hear him play, it is clear that he also takes great pleasure in performing and going wherever the music takes him. This is why New Orleans visitors of all ages and nationalities continue to seek him out.