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        This "news" page normally offers some events that I am excited to share and some info on what I am cooking up.  Lately I have been enjoying working more during the day and less at night. My new musical home is at Fritzel's, 733 Bourbon Street, where I play at 12:30 Tuesdays through Saturdays. If you are there on a Monday evening please check out my band! We start at 8pm. The lineup normally includes Ben Fox on bass, Catie Rodgers on trumpet, and Bryan Besse on drums. 


      Speaking of Fritzel's, we have a new album out. It has been a long time since we had a new recording on the bandstand. It reflects the current lineup of musicians, which includes a lot of new players. I can no longer brag that I am playing on every song on every Fritzel's CD, but any fan of New Orleans music will enjoy this recording. My band is featured on the final cut, with our original, "The Sazerac Song". You can 

stop by or order one online at

     I has been a minute since my band played at Mahogany Jazz Hall on Chartres Street but I still stop by to visit with the bands and staff there. We recorded an album there in August 2021 and it is finally released. The album features a couple of my own songs, "I Won't Be Afraid" and "Painting My Apartment Blue" with this amazing cast of musicians I am so honored to get to play with. My version of "Maple Leaf Rag" is on fire, too. 

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