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Port of New Orleans_edited.jpg

This 2014 release shows off the talent of many of the great musicians I work with regularly on Bourbon Street. All the songs are originals, but capture the sound and spirit of the traditional jazz classics.

Here is my live album. All of these songs were recorded during performances at the Old US Mint, where I often discuss the history of New Orleans Jazz. I am joined on this project by some of the musicians I work with regularly, including singer Eileina Dennis, drummers Benjamin Bohanon and JJ Juliano, clarinetists Bruce Brackman and Ryan Burrage, and guitarist Seva Venet. 

This is my solo album, but I have sweetened many of the tracks with other instruments I play, including trombone, bass, banjo, accordion, percussion, and chapman stick. Fear not- there is no lack of bombastic piano solos, vocals, and songs people are always asking me to play!

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