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      Brass Bands are perhaps the most perfect showcase of New Orleans culture.  In fact, a small group of parading musicians, people dancing "second line", that funky  sound,  handkerchiefs in the air, and a flamboyant grand marshal creates a party recognized as a New Orleans scene anywhere in the world. We proudly offer our own Odyssey Brass Band as a great example of that New Orleans sound and vibe for your event. 

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     The brass band tradition goes back to the 1800s. In New Orleans, social aid and pleasure clubs provided bands to play for funerals. Once the deceased was placed in their final resting place, the event changed into a celebration of the life of the person and there would be dancing and singing in the streets. This evolved into the "Jazz Funeral". Parading bands often competed with each other, representing the different "wards" or neighborhoods. Today brass bands fill the streets for all sorts of occasions. This particular group has played for funerals, weddings, Mardi Gras balls, and even birthdays. The size of the group can be customized according to your event's size and budget. 


      We are dependable and experienced. We hire the greatest New Orleans-style musicians. References are available.  We offer a discount when you pair together two different style groups for your event. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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