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      The Trio is a great idea for any event. Small groups or two or three musician are perfect because they can adapt to any setting. They can squeeze into a corner or can be featured on a stage. They can create a soft, romantic setting or inspire a room full of people to sing and dance. A typical New Orleans jazz brunch hires trios to move from place to place within the venue so that everyone gets to enjoy the music. 


     Of course, the trio is only as effective as the performers on the job. Richard has been in business for many years and is known for both his dependability and his musical skill. He also has a long list of talented musicians who work with him regularly. Event planners from all over the region have learned that they can trust Richard to bring a show that will delight clients. The musicians are dressed appropriately, start on time, and have all the equipment needed.  


     We are ready to take the time and effort to put together the perfect small group to fit your event. We are prepared to play light jazz, or interactive cabaret. We are experts at New Orleans-style jazz, or popular songs from all over the 20th century. Our listeners often sing along, tap their feet, or get up and dance. Do we take requests? You bet. We have done themed events too, and can prepare the right music to put that perfect finishing touch on your party. We love making great music and connecting with audiences. 

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