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     Richard Piano Scott has loved New Orleans music since he was a kid.  He continues to feel that same enthusiasm and passion today, even though he has worked as a musician for decades.  You can hear it in his piano playing and in his voice. Many visitors to the Crescent City will check to see where he is appearing and plan their visits to hear him, maybe at Fritzel's on Bourbon Street, Cafe Beignet on Decatur Street, or perhaps in the Fountain Lounge. It is worthwhile to hear him at all of these locations because he carefully chooses the music to suit the venue. You will hear New Orleans Jazz when he plays on Bourbon Street, more popular tunes at the bustling cafe, and then a flowing, classical touch at the fancy hotel. 

     This is what makes Richard such a great choice for your event. He knows many different styles of music and he knows how to play to your specific audience. If your event is organized for mixing and networking, He (and his bands) are experts at creating a musical atmosphere while at the same time respecting every guest's need to communicate. Romantic evenings, corporate dinners, New Orleans tour groups, holiday parties, themed events? No problem!

Don't have a piano? We can bring a digital piano. We can bring a sound system and can even permit designated group leaders to use the equipment make announcements. 


     Richard is skilled on many instruments, which comes in handy for venues with limited space, or when performers are asked to "stroll" around an event space as part of the job. He has performed as a solo strolling musician aboard riverboats, for house parties, aboard tour buses, at the convention center, in local bars, and even on a St. Charles Avenue Streetcar. 

     Being a good musician is essential, but entertaining also requires choosing the right musical styles, volume, and a positive interaction with an audience. Although musical styles and cultures are vastly different wherever you go, the art of captivating an audience is universal and goes back centuries. Richard understands that art and brings that mindset to every crowd he plays for. Click here to discover recordings and videos of Richard. 

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